Tiffany Rhynard


As a filmmaker, dancer, and anti-racist advocate, I create films and interactive media performances in an effort to illuminate our understanding of the lived human experience and the impact of social justice issues. Primarily working in documentary form, my films often utilize the intimacy of the interview process to tell stories and interrogate oppressive systems. I firmly believe that the body is political and that no matter how abstract the intention the body holds meaning: it broadcasts the inherent identity politics in U.S. culture and has the capacity to tell complex stories. It serves as an embodied container of our lived experience and our cultural inheritance along with ancestral knowledge and trauma. My work in dance performance encompass improvised practices, collaborative ventures, and democratic choreographic structures. For me, dance is a continued exploration of dialogue, communication, and the experiential joy in finding connection with other human beings.

Still from Black Stains

Still from Black Stains

Tiffany Rhynard working on her next project with School of Dance colleague Kehinde Ishangi. Photograph by Francisco Graciano.

Title: Black Stains Year created: 2018 Media: film (online) TRT: 13:28 Produced by Sisters Unite Productions Producers: Heather Mathews, Tiffany Rhynard, Trent D. Williams, Jr. * Director: Tiffany Rhynard Choreographer: Trent D. Williams, Jr.* Editor: Heather Mathews Composer: Farai Malianga



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