Denise Bookwalter


Collaboration over a distance: Material, Making, and Touch

Denise Bookwalter and Lee Emma Running are long distance durational collaborators investigating the physical connection of touch translated through garments and textiles. With ease of travel suspended because of COVID and reliance on digital interfaces heightened, they continue to respond with work as it relates to the hand and the nuance of touch. They are interested in the provisional and the embellishment as a way to make marks on what is at hand, the act of making, the act of sharing, and what that means in the larger economy both investigating textiles in their own possession and available or cast off in their communities and those they visit. The work addresses human contact and direct engagement and questions new boundaries and how to maintain intimacy and touch in this uncertain time.

The project, Tailoring, consists of a series of large handmade paper pieces, an artist book, experimental prints on leather, and a series etchings.



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