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The College of Fine Arts at Florida State University is home to seven units: the Departments of Art, Art History, Art Education, and Interior Architecture and Design, the Schools of Dance and Theatre, and the Museum of Fine Arts. Over one-hundred faculty members across these areas produce vital creative and scholarly research that can range from original works of choreography to a book on the colonial architecture of Puerto Rico.

There is no simple way to characterize the incredible work done in the College of Fine Arts, but we do all share an understanding that creativity fundamentally expresses our humanity. The work of generating and studying our cultural heritage is essential, and it demands rigor, resources, and care. It takes discipline. It takes patience. It takes humility. It takes collaboration. It takes tools and technology. It takes libraries and archives. It takes knowledge of skills and languages. It takes a willingness to rise to the challenges of finding and making and sharing.

This exhibition, which brings together all of the units of the College, was originally intended to take place in the galleries of the Museum of Fine Arts. The global pandemic has brought it online, which has generated an opportunity for us to do what we do best: creative problem solving. In addition to this digital exhibition, throughout the spring of 2021 we will host a range of online activities, convenings, and programs. We hope that you will join us.

This exhibition was conceived with the help of a committee of faculty members from across the College. We thank Tenley Bick (Department of Art History), Jessica Ingram (Department of Art), Yelena McLane (Department of Interior Architecture and Design), Caleb Mitchell (School of Dance), Aaron Thomas (School of Theatre), and Pat Villeneuve (Department of Art Education) for their time and creativity in imagining this exhibition.

  • Preston McLane & Meredith Lynn, Director and Curator of the Museum of Fine Arts
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While there is no overarching theme that unites every faculty member in this exhibition, everyone is connected to someone else through a web of ideas and provocations. We encourage you to use these tags to navigate from one scholar to the next, while understanding that these concepts do not fully account for the depth and nuance of the work you are encountering.